shipping flatrate

Shipping only 5 € up to 30kg

We have reduced our shipping costs to almost all of Europe. Thus the shipping costs are, e.g. to Austria and Belgium only 5 euros!

Postage flat rate Europe 5 €

Costs down – service up:

Scooter Center Shop is now in German, English, Spanish, French and ItalianInternational Scooter Shop We supply scooter parts for many local scooter riders in our Scooter St…Oct 8

The shipment is in this case only carried by UPS – which is well known for the superb service. Additional countries, where we can supply you for the 5 € postage flat rate via UPS, are from now on:

Belgium5 €
Bulgaria5 €
Denmark5 €
Estonia5 €
Finland5 €
France5 €
Greece5 €
Great Britain5 €
Ireland5 €
Italy5 €
Croatia5 €
Latvia5 €
Lithuania5 €
Luxembourg5 €
Netherlands5 €
Poland5 €
Portugal5 €
Romania5 €
Sweden5 €
Slovak Republic5 €
Slovenia5 €
Spain5 €
Czech Republic5 €
Hungary5 €
Austria5 €

Here you access the Scooter Shop directly

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