New rectifier for Vespa (horn rectifier) bgm PRO

Vespa rectifier bgm PRO: the genuine Piaggio rectifier for Vespa PX and PK is no longer produced by Piaggio, but no worries! Here we present you our new bgm PRO rectifier for Vespa scooters with 12V alternating current (AC) on-board voltage.

Much more than a replacement for the genuine rectifier!

The newly developed bgm PRO rectifiers are already available in our online shop. Here some of the technical features:

  • Horn rectifier as replacement for the genuine rectifier for Vespa PX/PK no longer in available from Piaggio
  • Internal cutout as a protection against short-circuit
  • Integrated blinker relay for LED indicators (completely load independent!!)
  • USB output for mobile phone or sat-nav
  • Made in Germany (all items individually tested and supplied with a test protocol)

Use of the rectifier

The bgm PRO horn rectifier is designed for installation in vehicles with 12V alternating current (AC) on-board voltage and its usage is not limited to Vespa and/or PX/PK. The rectifier is not earth-connected, which means that current flows directly to the horn (via switch) and the horn output can be connected directly to the vehicle frame.

Completely load independent LED blinker relays are not easy to find. The integrated relay also works with LEDs which consume less thank 1W.

Charge mobile phone and sat-nav from your Vespa

Now you can charge your mobile phone or sat-nav while on ride and without battery. Just connect the rectifier output to the USB charger (12V) and the charger’s grounding output to the frame. The device will be loaded with up to 3A – this is sufficient for most devices for a charge from 0 to 100% in 60 minutes (the charging is disconnected when blowing the horn).

USB Steckdose für Vespa


Smaller mounting form

The bgm PRO horn rectifier is much smaller than the genuine Piaggio or replicas. It can also be used on older vehicles with conversion to 12V on-board voltage without having to replace the genuine horn with an AC horn.


bgm PRO horn rectifier – specifics:

The BGM Pro horn rectifier is a high-quality replacement of the genuine part of the Vespa PK, PX, T5 and Cosa models which is no longer produced by Piaggio. Moreover, this rectifier also has an integrated blinker relay for LED indicators and a USB output.

  • Controlled direct current output for horn (12V DC)
  • 12V USB output up to 3A charging capacity
  • 12V blinker relay for LED indicators
  • Internal, temporary security cutout if more than 2A power flows
  • Each rectifier is individually tested and supplied with a test protocol
  • Only for on-board 12Volt alternating current (AC)
  • Designed and MADE in Germany

The bgm PRO rectifier is not just a replacement, since it has a rectifying function for direct current horn you don’t have to fit a horn with alternating current. While on ride you can charge efficiently your devices such has mobile phone or sat-nav. LED indicators can be directly connected to the rectifier and hence you don’t need to mount the conventional blinker relay. The rectifier can be perfectly used with the bgm PRO complete wiring loom (for conversion to 12V and electronic ignition for Vespa V50, PV, Sprint, Rally, VBB, etc).

Available in three versions:

  • BGM6710KT1 – with adapter wire for integration in already mounted wiring loom incl. waterproof connector plugs
  • BGM6710KT2 – with connector plugs for single wiring with direct connection to the rectifier
  • BGM6710 – version without connector plugs (as replacement for items BGM6710KT1/KT2 or if a connector plug is already mounted)

Futher information about the rectifier are here: horn rectifier for Vespa – fitting instructions

PLEASE NOTE: the rectifier cannot be used to charge a 12V battery

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