BGM BigBox Sport was just launched onto the market and was already sold out

We were really astonished: within a very short period of time the new Vespa racing exhaust (BGM1010SP) was already sold out. Due to positive feedback and tests, which have been conducted by several instances, it should have been clear. We are delighted about the immense success of this exhaust – Thank you very much!

BGM BigBox Sport – a wolf in sheep’s clothing
Performance just like a racing exhaust – looks & sound just like a standard exhaust

Update: exhaust for PX200 and Rally 200 also available again!

Now available again!

Order your BigBox Sport here
Exhaust bgm bigbox sport vespa bigbox-sport-vespa-auspuff_3
BGM BigBox Sport is a thoroughbred racing exhaust, which gives a standard looking exhaust, that won’t arouse suspicion. It definitely is an alternative to conspicuous and mainly loud and big expansion exhaust chambers. Its willingness to deliver maximum performance makes it clearly stand out from other box pipes. Designed for performance oriented drivers, who hold an unsuspicious vehicle in high esteem.

bgm BigBox Sport performance chart:

LML150 5 port reed valve engine (reed valve intake) with Quattrini M1X cylinder (undealt) and 1.5mm head spacer (stroke compensation), SI24 carburetor Performance chart (BGM1010SP)

Need of a high performance engine concept

Just like any good racing exhaust, the sport box needs a high performance engine concept in order to develop full performance. Surrounded by cylinders like the Quattrini M1X and similar, the sport box offers impressing results. It easily supports engine performances above the 25 HP level and pushes with a rich torque. Despite its high top performance the sport box also supports leisure cruising.

Due to the commitment to a high gas flow rate, BigBox Sport is not suitable for standard engines or tame tuning cylinders. It needs a clear and strong pressure impulse in order to breathe life into the big manifold of the Sport Box.


  • Standard looks
  • Low noise level
  • Top performance like an expansion exhaust
  • No performance slump
  • Broad revs range
  • Higher top speed
  • Very unsuspicious
  • Also fits a Rally/Sprint without modifications
  • Solid design with clamp screw at the cylinder
  • Handmade in Europe


  • Not suitable for vehicles with 8 inch wheels (no sufficient ground clearance)
  • Not suitable for standard engines

To fasten the manifold at the cylinder you need a clamp screw. Compared to loose fastening with an O-ring sealing this results in best stability and prevents damage of the exhaust flange. For best ground clearance you should use a long spacer at the rear shock absorber.

Conclusion: pure understatement. Performance of a racing exhaust, looks and sound like a standard exhaust.

Order your BigBox Sport here

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