New Vespa touring exhaust

We received the first production pattern of the BigBox Touring for 200cc Vespa PX engines today.

Assessing looks and fit are part of a normal sample exam. And so are test runs on our Scooter Center P4 dynamometer.

We already mentioned in previous entries relating to this Vespa exhaust, that the BigBox Touring has a drastically smaller U-bend than the BigBox Sport, its larger sister.

BigBox P200_2

The missing black, heat-resistant cover layer makes the BigBox Touring look somewhat naked. We also attach significance to closely assessing all the joints without the cover layer, though.

BigBox P200_3

Test assembly on a Vespa Sprint with a 200cc engine

One of the first parts of the exam was the assembly in a Vespa VLB (Sprint). Usually space issues arise, when fitted in combination with a 200cc PX-engine. Especially around the centre stand, in particular in the “U’s” and the laps for the stand springs. Depending on the assembly of the exhaust, stand feed rubbers might collide with the U-bend.

We especially focused on these narrow spaces to see whether everything fits. The BigBox fits even to vehicles with a two-spring-system at the centre stand, which has only be introduced to the German market. The stand feed rubbers have a save distance to the hot U-bend.

BigBox P200_4

Just as its larger sister the BigBox Touring comes with a solid clamping and additional holders for exhaust springs.

You want to play it safe? Our retaining plate incl. exhaust springs perfectly matches your BigBox.


Performance measurement Vespa exhaust

Once we agree with the looks, processing and fitting we continue with performance measurements.

First “testing victim” is a cast iron Polini with 207cc, SI24 carburetor in a standard Vespa PX200 engine.

bigbox touring 200

Early torque for day to day use and touring

When developing the BigBox Touring we focused on having the possible torque available early and that there is a high amount of pressure in the exhaust with low revs.

The earlier and more homogeneous torque is provided by the engine, the nicer is a day to day drive. Our cast iron test engine by Polini with a BigBox touring reaches more than 18Nm at 3900rpm. Translated to the 4th gear this means smooth cruising at 50km/h with a very good potential to accelerate up to the final revs.

Increased transmission possible

Depending on the engine you fit the BigBox Touring on, an increased primary transmission can be used reasonably to go easy on revs while retaining the same cruising speed. Increasing transmission is easiest when using a clutch sprocket. The BGM clutch sprocket for Cosa clutches or a sustainable solution like our BGM Superstrong clutch are very fitting examples. An increased transmission may increase the top speed by 5km/h at same revs.


Let’s test – BigBox Touring is waiting for you!

You want to know what the Vespa Touring exhaust BGM PRO BigBox Touring can do to your personal engine? Just send us a date inquiry to

Our test pattern is waiting for you on our dynamometer.

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