Adjust Lambretta ignition with the Beluga


beluga-lambretta-zuendung-einstellen_001 It’s a little sad: We are so used to scratching and greasing the MagHousing of our Lambrettas. But this will soon be part of the past. However, there is no need to actually be sad, because in exchange you will have:

  • a precise scale,
  • quick inverse measurement,
  • precise and reproducible results,
  • using a strobe timing gun is possible when Beluga is attached,
  • excellent stainless steel,
  • special support for Lambretta.


Beluga for Lambretta is the equivalent of the Whale for Vespa

The first Beluga prototypes are currently being tested. You can already buy the tool to easily and precisely adjust a Vespa ignition.
Watch a detailed video here:

Adjusting ignition of Lambretta LI 1-3, SX, DL/GP

Beluga will be compatible with Lambretta 1-3 and DL / GP. We will keep you posted in our blog.beluga-lambretta-zuendung-einstellen_01

beluga-lambretta-zuendung-einstellen_02 Der Beluga ist ein Crazy Monkey Development (CMP) Produkt.

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