Mounting tool for Lambretta Superstrong clutch

For our BGM Superstrong clutch for Lambretta now also the suitable clutch spring locating tool BGM8011TL2!

Thanks to this centring tool it will be very easy to hold the clutch springs in place during the mounting.

BGM clutch with integrated compression system

The BGM Superstrong clutch for Lambretta has an integrated compression system.

The clutch is provided with two screws and long nuts.
On the front side of the clutch spider there are two legs marked with a point which signals on their base a threaded hole for the screw.

Practical and easy to use:

The screws for the preload of the clutch base will be inserted in the two threaded holes.

The cutouts on the base of the locating tool are specially designed to guarantee more free surface for the high nuts used to preload the clutch for the mounting.

Quick and easy: as soon as the clutch has been preloaded, you can pull out the tool.




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