Vespa clutch cable or gear change cable broken?

Once a brake cable, gear change cable or clutch cable is broken you should also check all the other bowden cables and cable housings.

When restoring a scooter you usually need an entire cable set. It’s just, that one broken bowden cable is a hint that the other cables might also be worn.

We recommend: BGM bowden cables for Vespa and Lambretta

The BGM sets are perfectly adjusted to the vehicle and include all the cables and cable housings you will need in the right length. Gear change cable, clutch cable, brake cable etc. are part of the kit.

BGM PRO bowden cables are in line with factory specifications and impress with high quality at low prices. The length of the individual cables is adjusted to the vehicle, so that they can be fitted without further ado. Zugsatz BGM 017 Zugsatz BGM 012

Highest quality

BGM cable with high quality details such as

  • double crimped cable end sleeves
  • burr-free nipples
  • tinned end sleeves (laid cable).

Easy and quick assembly.

A layer of low friction PTFE at the inside of the housings of the front brake, gears, acceleration and clutch stands for easy and precise use.
You may oil or grease the inner cables and these will then operate extremly smoothly.

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