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How do build a complete Vespa from scratch


PROJECT PLATÓNIKA - Part 1: Vespa px bgm 177 - The Wishlist

To build a complete scooter from single components is not an easy task and you need a source, or a shop in this case, with a strong search function and good data base.

Luckily there is a list with the components to complete the Frame LML Star listed on product page of the shop: https://blog.scooter-center.com/vespa-lml-rahmen-teileliste/, this helped us to create ours, with the specialties of BGM and Motonostra.

You can see the Platónika’s wishlist here, with its hundreds of parts

Platónika Wishlist

The wishlist in the shop is also the perfect Trojan horse to share your wishes for Christmas, as it can be simply send out by mail.

For the engine treatment I asked the SC technicians for their advice for the perfect touring engine that is reliable, powerful, a pleasure to ride and also not too thirsty.

And they helped me to add the other parts to my list that already contained the Cylinder -BGM PRO 177/187 cc, the  Seat -BGM PRO SportTouring and the Schock Absorber -BGM PRO SC F1 SPORT.








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