Vespa Stoßdämpfer vorne -BGM PRO SC COMPETITION- Vespa

Vespa front shock absorber BGM PRO SC COMPETITION

COMPETITION – the new bgm PRO front shock absorber for Vespa

The BGM PRO SC Competition front shock absorber for Vespa is a further development of the successful BGM PRO F16 Sport series.

Optically, the Competition series differs from the previous one since it features an outer reservoir. The new front shock absorber for Vespa is available in black and silver as well as in a convenient set.

Front shock absorber -BGM PRO SC COMPETITION- Vespa Largeframe
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Shock absorber with outer reservoir

The outer reservoir of the shock absorber increases the compensation volume and therefore it offers a much better response. Also the damping adjusting range has been increased.
The bgm PRO SC Competition shock absorber has a modified basic set-up and hence it can also be perfectly used in combination with rigid sport springs.

The compression and rebound adjustment prevents the diving effect or the rapid extension when wheels pass over bumps.

As a result, this shock absorber is also perfect for more powerful vehicles.
The wide range of damping adjustments allows you to use this shock absorber also in combination with a standard spring and with the right damping adjustment you can still have a comfortable ride.


Buy here the new Competition Vespa shock absorber


The new shock absorber also fits 8 and 10 inch wheels

Thanks to the optimised size, 165mm, this shock absorber perfectly fits also all 8-inch wheel models with no need to preload the spring or change the inclination of the fork link.

When mounted, the outer reservoir is covered by the mudguard and the front side of the Vespa keeps therefore its genuine look.

Like for the F16 Sport series, also this shock absorber is made of aluminium with hard-anodised finish, available in black and silver.

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