Polini Zylinder 207cc Alu Vespa PX 200 Rally 200

Polini Zylinder 207cc Alu Vespa PX 200 Rally 200Polini presents the new 201cc Alloy cylinder for all Vespa Piaggio P 200 and Rally 200

The ever lasting religious war Malossi 211 or Polini 207 or Pinasco 213 in the maximum cc-range of Vespa scooters has received a new argument.

The torque-orientated layout of the Polini 207 with power through the whole rev-range was loved by many.
However it is with all things love, there are days when everything in a partnership is not going the way it should.

Wrong carb setup, ignition faults or general wrong set up of the engine brought the old, cast cylinder to its thermic capabilities, and above in the worst case.
This led to the bad reputation of the eternal heat-seizure, which could only be cured by accurate setting up of all components.

Now Polini have sorted this problem for us and made our live easier, and those of their competitors harder.
The proven design of the Polini 207cc is now crafted in high quality alloy. With a 68.5mm bore and good two ring piston for excellent heat-dissipation and piston-guidance the new cylinder has the perfect thermic basis for race or touring tuning.
Simple with a Sito+ and 26mm SI carburator , or with monster-membran and race exhaust , we are keen on what people will do with this cylinder.
Visit your one stop scooter shop and select the components for your individual engine!

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