Oil squeeze jug for Vespa, Lambretta and Co.

This handy oil squeeze jug by BGM Pro is two-in-one:

  1. On the one hand it is an oil jug, storage jug for 1 litre or 1/2 litres oil and
  2. On the other hand it helps to easily and quickly mix oil

So this jug is oil can and oil mixing jug in one!

How does it work?

You fill the upper dosing chamber by applying pressure on the lower part of the bottle. Lines in 5-ml-steps mark the content. Once you measured the liquid with these marks, you can easily empty the chamber. The one of the large 1 litre jug holds 60ml oil – enough to mix 3 litres of fuel at a mixing ratio of 1:50.

A second lid tightly closes the rest of the bottle. No need for another measuring jug which makes you gain more space in the scooter. You can refill oil at any time through the two screw tops.

Available in 2 sizes

Further product information

Material: HD-PE polyethylene, high density
Nominal volume in ml: 500 / 1.000
Shape: round oval
Lid: screw top
Colour: PE nature
Opening: narrow neck

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