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Since 1992, the Scooter Center can look back on a great expertise in the trade with scooter spare parts, accessories and tuning articles. We supply dealers, workshops and scooter riders all over the world.
In our own brand bgm we let all our know-how for the development of new products flow in. Brand new are the bgm tyres “Sport” and “Classic”. The newly developed scooter tyres are of course Made in Germany! Our tyres are available in two different treads, initially in size 3.50/10, so especially tyres for classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters.

The “Sport” version has a release up to 180 km/h and the “Classic” tyre with classic tread pattern up to 150 km/h.

Why have we developed completely new scooter tyres?

Our goal is to be able to offer tyres that are safe to drive in wet and dry conditions and also in curves. The performance of modern engine concepts additionally requires a high speed release of up to 180km/h. The tyres should also look really good!
All according to the new slogan of bgm: “RIDING CLASSIC, RIDING FAST”.

All in all, these high requirements only allowed a consistent new development of modern scooter tyres!

Neue Reifen BGM - Made in Germany

#bgmtyres – new 10 inch scooter tires from bgm, Made in Germany

Two things are essential for the performance of a tyre:

  1. The rubber compound and
  2. The structure of the tyre.

The bgm tires are designed here without compromise and developed and produced in Germany. This guarantees a modern process with consistently high quality, attention to detail and the highest level of technology. The specially formulated material compound with high silica compound ensures excellent grip on dry and wet conditions.

bgm Riding Classic Riding Fast

Stable carcass and complex production

The extremely strong carcass provides superb straight-line drivability and excellent line holding during fast cornering. Usually scooter tyres are simply pressed into shape from a layer of rubber. The bgm tyres are much more complex to produce and consist of several layered plies. The result is a perfect scooter tyre with the highest speed rating on the market!

The bgm Classic tread is a tribute to the tread type that has been chosen as original equipment on many Vespa and Lambretta models. It perfectly combines a timeless classic tread with the tyre technology of the 21st century.

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  • Approvals up to 180 km/h (Sport) and up to 150 km/h (Classic) are ideal for powerful engines and corresponding registrations
  • Additional REINFORCED marking.
  • Extremely strong carcass for perfect straight-line drivability and excellent line holding during fast cornering.
  • V shape instead of U shape. As a result, the tyre steers much better in bends and offers more contact area at lean angles.
  • Specially formulated silica compound for excellent grip in dry and wet conditions.
  • Made in Germany.


  • Classic tyres -BGM Classic- 3.50 – 10 inch TT 59P (reinforced) BGM35010CT
  • Sport Tyres tubeless -BGM Sport- 3.50 – 10 inch TL 59S (reinforced) BGM35010SL
  • Sport Tyres inner tube -BGM Sport- 3.50 – 10 inch TT 59S (reinforced) BGM35010ST
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