Vespa Racing ESC Mirecourt Frankreich

Biggest classic vespa race ever !

FlyerCSMirecourt2013HDMirecourt, France, ESC 2013 season opening and 13th Challenge Scootentole, 155 drivers decided to write history !
All categories was reasonably packed for fair action and good fun !

Most people arrived on Thursday while some hard-core drivers took advantage of the privileged relationship we have with the circuit of Mirecourt to arrive as soon as Wednesday !! Thursday and Friday, the track was available for practice. Unfortunately this is on that day that we had a big accident seeing a driver breaking is leg. Season did not even start for him… Too bad ! The weather was cold, changing with a bit of rain from time to time.

On the next day, Saturday the day of the actual Challenge Scootentole, we arbitrary splited the two C2S qualification sessions in the morning in order to even chances for a good time.

vespa-racing_mirecourt-02 vespa-racing_mirecourt-04

From there, everything went very smoothly and we could see beautiful and fair racing, well helped by the weather; it actually did not rain during any of the sessions, only at lunch break !! With little surprise, the usual masters of the track trusted the first places in K1 and K2, but new comers are starting to push hard, like the young Romain Baguet from Team 70s scooter who finished 3rd in K4 and 1st in K5 ! The K7 category, girlz power, driving with the K6 and the slowest of the K5, the grid was filled up with 13 girls, a very promising number for the rest of the season !
It should be mentioned that every year the level of preparation and the quality of all scooters is improving. This was still true in 2013, with beautiful teams and scooter that actually looks like scooters (cuts are restricted to a minimum in the Challenge Scootentole).

vespa-racing_mirecourt-03 vespa-racing_mirecourt-01

On the oddities side, it was interesting to see in action in K2 the French V5A frame #216 from Julien Desnuelle, driven by Olivier Doussot (both from SPRT team ) the first racing vespa fitted with an electronic injection (Keep an eye on it: Vespa Tuning M1L Quattrini Vespa without Carb ) !
We also saw an official LML 4T Corsa (166 Polini) in demonstration in the K6/K8 sessions. Not so fast as expected, but some people seemed very interested by the potential of the tubular chassis…

During the award ceremony and lucky draw we could hand-over some very nice gifts and presents thanks to our sponsors, and especially Scooter Center!
After that, helped with a little “apero”, most of the people started to relax and the party lasted long on the campsite until very late !
On the next and finale day, Sunday, after a well deserved “croissant” offered by the Challenge Scootentole, all people slowly started to pack and to head home, bringing with them plenty of great souvenirs !

The Challenge Scootentole would like to thank again Scooter Center for their continuous support !

We will be waiting for you on the 8th of June in Marcillat for the 14th Challenge Scootentole <>


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