Vespa 50SS for sale

Rare Vespa 50SS Smallframe for sale

We currently have some very interesting Vespa Smallframe with round headlight for sale. 3 Vespa 50SS, made in Taiwan by “Taiwan Vespa Co. Ltd.”.



Very rare Vespa models!

The Taiwanese Vespa SS doesn’t have a lot in common with the rare Italian Smallframe SuperSprint models. However, it is a highly interesting Vespa, which is very rare in Europe.




Special characteristics of these Vespa models:

The handlebar immediately catches your eye. It is a little larger than a Primavera handlebar. It slightly resembles a Rally 200 handlebar, which has been reduced in size. Its proportions still perfectly fit the original Vespa Smallframe frame (so sadly no neat SS leg shield).

The diameter of the head light is 140mm, but the flat trim makes it seem smaller than a PX or Rally headlight of the same size. You won’t find any marks on the head lamp, except for an encircled “NL”.

Light switch and indicator switch are made of plastic and resemble the PX old type switches. The speedo has the same size as the Primavera, ET3 or Rally speedo, but is made from grey plastic and was labelled “Taiwan Vespa Co. Ltd.”.

The square mudguard crest, the Vespa logo on the leg shield and levers for brake and clutch have black paint or coating. The rubber floor mat on the frame tunnel was not made as for the Rally, Primavera or ET3, but it has square nubs, just like the Vespa OX old type.

The seat also resembles the seat of a Vespa PX old type in small. The closed four-hole rims have a green metallic coating.

An ignition switch is located at the right hand side of the fuel tap. The 12 Volt rectifier for the 12 Volt PK ignition is fitted in the toolbox below the seat. Removing the toolbox gives way to the winker relay for both handlebar indicators.

Let’s now turn to the unique part, which turns the Smallframe into “SS”. Right above the original ET3 tail light the branding Vespa 50SS is emblazoned in prominent position in chrome against a black background.


The vehicle identification number prefix is V5SA2T.

For those interested in buying such a rare treasure: we currently offer two Vespa 50SS for restoration. Inlcuding receipt of paid duties and bill by Scooter-Center incl. 19% VAT at a price of 2000.- € in silver or 1500.- € in white.

Are you interested? Contact us:

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    Hi how r u
    My father is vespa mechanic since 30 years and he do all kind of work in vespa and we also sale vespa scooter and Is this possible that my father work with you reply me as soon as possible.

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