Bazooka shock absorbers RACINGBROS Bazooka

With the Bazooka shock absorbers by Racingbros we present you an innovative damping technology for the Vespa GTS models (GT, GTS, GTV, GTL 125-300) and the Sprint/Primavera 50-125 models.

The innovative design shows at first glance the peculiar features of this shock absorber.

Stoßdämpfer Racingbros Bazooka 1.0 Vespa GTS Primavera Sprint

Bazooka Vespa shock absorber without springs

Racingbros uses no steel springs for the shock absorbers of the Bazooka series. These shock absorbers only work with air suspension. The advantage is that these shock absorbers are significantly lighter (approx. 50% lighter than conventional shock absorbers) and incorporate many technical features

  • SAV (Speed Adaptive Valving)
    The damping ratio changes automatically, depending on the impulse speed, in order to reach the best damping behaviour.
  • ASR (Adjustable Spring Rate)
    The spring rate is adjustable and hence the shock absorber can be regulated according to the different needs and loads. For standard shock absorbers this is only possible by changing the springs.
  • PSC (Progressive Spring Curve) 
    Since the damping is not linear, but progressive, it results very comfortable when the shock absorber travel is short, whereas if the travel is long the damping becomes increasingly firm. An ideal technical feature which allows you to use this sports shock absorber also for everyday use.
  • Super Seal System (Sant-Gobian / Trelleborg)
    The high-quality sealing technique guarantees long durability and unchanged spring rates.
  • Custom Type III Surface Coating
    Extremely flat and resistant surface coating, hard-anodised with PTFE.

Stoßdämpfer Racingbros Bazooka 1.0 Vespa GTS Primavera Sprint

Vespa Bazooka shock absorber hand assembled

The Bazooka shock absorbers are made of high-quality AL6061-T6 which is cold forged and coated with a hard-anodised coating containing Teflon. The shock absorbers are then accurately hand assembled.

These shock absorbers are already successfully used in competitions  and particularly appreciated for their light weight and the wide adjustment rate thanks to its very good responding behaviour, therefore also ideal for an everyday use.

A very good alternative to the Bazooka shock absorbers are the BGM Pro shock absorbers with TÜV certification.

RacingBros Bazooka shock absorber Vespa

RacingBros, specialised in damping technology and located in Taiwan, was founded in 2006 by power-sports enthusiasts. RacingBros offers high-quality suspension components and in particular the shock absorber with air suspension of the Bazooka series, now also available for modern Vespa scooters (Sprint, Primavera and GTS).

The Bazooka 1.0 is provided with air suspension and is similar to the shock absorbers with the same technology used for the BMW HP2 models. The shock absorber has no spring and this function is replaced by an individually adjustable air spring. Thanks to a wide range of rebound adjustment (18 clicks) this shock absorber can be perfectly regulated to satisfy your different needs. The surfaces are hard-anodised and are extremely weather resistant and also very low-friction.

  • Damper body made of cold forged, high-resistant AL6061-T6 aluminium
  • Unlimited adjustment options of the air suspension
  • Very light, approx. 50% lighter than conventional shock absorbers
  • Fully adjustable and maintenance-friendly damping system (SAV)
  • Wide range of low speed rebound adjustment (18 clicks)
  • Tube-in-tube rigid structure
  • IFP Design (Internal Float Piston) shock absorber can be mounted in either direction

The air pressure in shock absorber can be adjusted with an air pump which can be ordered separately. If the pressure is higher, the shock absorber is harder and the vehicle is able to carry a heavier load.

Also Vespa riders can now use shock absorbers with air suspension on their scooter, like the BMW riders do on the exclusive HP 2 Enduro models. Exclusivity guaranteed!


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