221ccm MALOSSI MHR Zylinder f?r Vespa PX

Malossi brings out a new MHR 221cc cylinder kit

221ccm MALOSSI MHR Zylinder für Vespa PX

After Polini´s torque monster 221cc cylinder, Malossi catches up with the MHR cylinder kit for 60mm: Malossi MHR 221ccm for Vespa P 200 and Rally 200

Available at Scooter Center

You can order your Malossi MHR 221 cylinder straight away and it can be shipped with the 5 € Europe shipping rate or striking postage costs to every destination in this world.

We already took a closer look at the new kit:


Malossi 221 002


The well known Malossi piston comes with this kit as well. But this time it features a one piston ring design only. The single piston ring is at the same place as the top piston ring od the 2 ring version.
Even the length of the piston skirt is the same as on the 57 mm stroke version. So if you fit the kit to the 60 mm crank where it is said to be suited too, you still have to check that the piston skirt doesn’t touch the crankcase at bottom dead centre.
The length of the new barrel is 98.3 mm to cope with the extra stroke.

Malossi 221 012

The cylinder head is the one that is supplied with the 57 mm stroke kits as well. The compression ratio is 10.5:1. It is centralized by bushes at the head and barrel.
We had a quick look at the port heights as well. The transfer ports were not matching in height hence we took the average measurement of both sides:of 47.2 mm.

Malossi 221 007

The discharge width is good with 63% in the green. The moderate chord and the large corner radii make the piston ring

The exhaust width at 63 % and the big radius at the corners are very good for the life time of the piston rings.
We are looking forward for the first customers bringing the new kit on our dyno.

Order this malossi racing cylinder in our scooter shop !


This Malossi cylinder kit fits:



  • 200 Rally (VSE1T – Femsa)
  • 200 Rally (VSE1T – Ducati)
  • 200 Cosa CL (VSR1T)
  • 200 Cosa CLX (VSR1T300)
  • 200 Cosa FL (VSR1T301)
  • 200 P E (VSX1T – -1980)
  • 200 PX E Lusso (VSX1T – 1984-97)
  • 200 PX E (VSX1T – 1981-83)
  • 200 PX E Lusso (ZAPM18 – 1998-)

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