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Tuning Lambretta highlights back in stock

Besides our bgm catalogue 2018 we have another piece of news for you. Our two bgm tuning parts for Lambretta are now available again: 225cc RT cylinder and the Lambretta clutch.

bgm Racetour 225 Lambretta cylinder

bgm tuning Lambretta cylinder -BGM PRO MRB-Racetour 225cc- Lambretta TV 200, SX 200, DL 200, GP 200.

In the developmentof the RaceTour cylinders Mark Broadhurst incorporated his decades of experience in the tuning of Lambretta scooters and over 1,700 tuned up 2-stroke cylinders. The bgm tuning cylinder for Lambretta are available with 195cc (Ø=65mm) for the small casings (125 – 175cc) as well as with 225cc (Ø=70mm) for the 200cc casings.

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The cylinders offer significant improvements with respect to power and therefore ideal for daily use.

Power is supplied even at a low rev range and the kits offer enough torque which allow you to ride even with longer ratios. The power development is very constant which means that the RaceTour engines fell like a genuine Innocenti 200 engine but with double the power.
Like for the genuine cylinder, the carburettor is positioned at the left side. The frame or the other parts require no modifications. Therefore the RaceTour cylinder is also ideal those who want to keep the Lamnretta look unchanged but, at the same time, don’t want to forgo performance.

The kit is easy to fit and comes with all the needed studs, washers, gaskets and so on.
Update: Piston made in Italy by Meteor with running-in coating.


  • Ceramic plated aluminium cylinder
  • Four fixings of exhaust stub
  • 200 cc inlet stud spacing on small and large block cylinders
  • Piston: Meteor (made in Italy), with running-in coating (RT195 = Ø65mm, RT225 = Ø70mm)
  • Piston rings: 2x1mm (made in Italy)
  • Fully CNC machined anti warp head made from billet alloy with recess into bore and four additional fixing screws (8 fixings in total). Made in Germany
  • Compression ratio for highest reliability for 58mm as well as 60mm stroke
  • Porting spec for high powered touring with lots of torque and wide power band
  • Improved fuel economy saves money paying for the kit long term
  • Improved casting thickness around the cylinder head and base gasket, so it can be easily tuned

Fitting instructions in PDF format: bgm-Racetour-cylinder-fitting instructions-BGM2225N

bgm Superstrong clutch Lambretta 46 teeth

bgm Tuning Lambretta clutch -BGM PRO Superstrong 6 discs, 10 springs- Lambretta LI, LI S, SX. TV (series 2-3), DL/GP –

BGM PRO Superstrong – the original
Extremely durable clutch, easy to use – Made in Germany
The Superstrong clutch is extremely durable, absolutely reliable and easy to use.Perfect for an efficient tuning.

The massive CNC-machined clutch spider features an excellent concentricity and is highly durable. Therefore it offers a perfect clutch engagement and a clear disengagement. This clutch is ideal for tour riders who place value on high quality as well as for racers who look for extremely durable and stable clutch.

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The plug & play clutch is fitted with soft clutch springs (BGM8010W) and is hence designed to withstand a power range of approximately 20HP/25Nm. With reinforced springs, also available separately in our online shop, the power range of the clutch increases of over 40HP.

The springs are available in the following versions:

  • BGM8010W – soft (k=4,7N/mm)
  • BGM8010L – medium (k=6,8/mm)
  • BGM8010F – hard (k=13,8/mm)


The bgm Pro Superstrong replaces the common clutch type used in all scooters of the Lambretta LI. The clutch fits therefore Lambretta LI, LI S, SX. TV (series 2-3), DL/GP models.

All CNC-machined parts of the clutch are made of 42CrMo4.

The item includes:

  • CNC rear sprocket 46 or 47 teeth
  • CNC clutch spider
  • CNC pressure plate
  • Adaptors to use the pressure plate with Li/SX and dl/GP engine cover
  • CNC machined top plate offset for more clearance between top plate and kickstart shaft
  • Six clutch dics
  • Five 1.5 mm steel plates
  • Ten clutch springs, BGM8010W (k=4.7N/mm, soft)
  • bgm PRO clutch bush

The clutch pressure plate and spider can be used with any other aftermarket 5 and 6 plate rear sprockets. As long as these are made to the original Innocenti measurements it is a straight fit. If not made to this spec some modifications might be needed.

TIP: We recommend to use a washer (available in our online shop) to space the clutch. The washer is placed under the sprocket and is available with a thickness of 0.8-1.6 mm. The overhang of the BGM hub (clutch spider) to the BGM sprocket is in the tolerance range from 0.10mm to 0.12mm.

Fitting instructions as PDF file: bgm-superstrong-fitting instructions-bgm8011nr46



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