Best scooter shop 2014/2015

– for the 4th time in a row

The German Scooter Forum (GSF) has voted and we – Scooter Center – have won once more. Thanks to everybody, who took part and voted for us.

We are very proud and take this as additional motivation to continuously drive flat out, never to stop and to continuously strive for perfection. Promise!
One thing is already clear: also in 2015 we have some big surprises up our sleeves, which some of you very probably won’t expect – so watch out!

Best scooter shop 2015

-Dealer-of-the-year-Award 2014/15

Every year the largest German Vespa and Lambretta Community, with almost 50,000 members, takes a vote to identify the best spare parts dealer. Here the Scooter Center always convinced its customers with service, performance and innovation and was able to win.

No. 1 Scooter Center Cologne with 215 votes = 21.2%
No. 2 FalkR with 161 votes = 16%
No. 3 LTH with 109 votes = 11%

Translated comment of the organiser:

“Dear Shops and Shoppers – The winner of 2014/(15) has been chosen, followed by its fellow shops. The results show: the team of Scooter Center, FalkR and LTH especially convinced their customers. Some years ago I initiated this vote. I’d like to thank approx. 500 members of GSF, which are probably a more or less representative part of the German classic scooter community, for participating the vote. You, the three winners, and all the other dealers and service providers, please continue as you did so far to preserve scootering as something attractive thanks to your friendliness and fairness.”M210 / GSF

We will come up with something in return.
More on this here in our blog shortly…


UPDATE: Scooter Center voucher with 10% discount





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