How we would say in Colombia: now I’m on my Salsa“ (what means I am in my element). I received Platónika with 18 km on the clock and exactly 15 days later, she had thousand kilometers more.

Excited because the spring is arriving, I started to ride, and even prepare a Moto Nostra Kit for better touring:

Flyscreen with black brackets


Rear rack


But with this German weather you never know.. Indeed the following week it started to snow… But that wouldn’t stop me, so I protect myself against the nasty cold and go on.

Photos and videos come and go, but still, I think, I am beginning to miss something, the reason of why I fell in love of with this scene: That’s right! The Vespisti.

Without any meeting in sight, „I will roll with my team mates“ I thought, so I turn my head around in the marketing office, where I am, and I only saw two Lambretta people

And well… why not?


Did you miss a chapter? here you find the complete Story:

Platónika Projekt - die komplette Geschichte - Vespa PX bgm 177 by Scooter Center


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