Easy peasy after BREXIT deliveries from Scooter Center!

The best thing first: of course you can still order all scooter parts from us and we can deliver them to you with our well-known top service, but a few things will change. Some changes you won’t even notice, others will affect you directly. We will explain them to you here:


The transition period for shipping orders had been solved much earlier this year and shipping to England is as smooth as ever before. The main difference after the Brexit is that the VAT is been paid in England now. That means the VAT on your purchases is no longer part of the European VAT system.

Shipping costs

New is that we ship with DHL only to the UK and that the shipping costs are now £ 14.00 (15.90 €), but still for any dimensions of packing and up to 30 kg weight. There are no additional handling fees. But please note: The UK VAT has to be paid to Parcel Force.

Ultra-fast same day shipment

The minimum order volume had to be changed to £ 135 (154 €) to guarantee Scooter Center’s usual ultra-fast same day shipment of your order.


Please send us your EORI code

Note for our British trade customers: You also have to pay the VAT for the goods, but you can have this refund. Check it out at or follow the direct link:


So enjoy your shopping spree @