Altötting – Cuxhaven and back. Almost…
Three men, three mopeds and a mission. A short drive from Mühldorf (near Altötting) to Cuxhaven.
The approximate route looks like this and cannot be reconstructed exactly because of the many small roads and field paths.

From the start there are five stages to Cuxhaven and the daily stages were always between 200 and 250 km.
After a short breather in Cuxhaven on the German North Sea coast, we went to the Scooter Center in Cologne in two days. There 1,600 km were written on the watches of the three.
Where the journey unfortunately came to an end for two of the trio and the mopeds returned to Altötting in the van.
The reason is a technical problem with the spare motor from the luggage. Probably because of the brute power development, the crankshaft broke off.
Number 3 continued the journey on his own and finished successfully on the axes of his ciao. I wonder if that was due to the 0.5 l beer can holder on the handlebars?