We know, we know, this Project is taking us more time that we expect it, but it is not because we haven’t working on that, on the contrary , each day we got some advance and we are showing you it with each tutorial, but you will understand for sure!,  Building a Vespa Always takes longer as we plan it and this is no exception, but by now we have prepared for you a behind the Scenes Video.

And by the way, who is that Girl with the messy hair?

As every Vespa got a story, it does it have as well every vespista, and I consider that a “must” question in every meeting when we know new people of the Scene, is: ok, but why Vespa? and I think that all share in some part the answer, but it’s always fascinating to hear it in the others voice, maybe it is this what make us stronger as community, that things that unite us are first, than those that tear us apart.

For some of the ones that follow us in the blog, maybe know something from me, but we thought it was a good idea, to tell you all about my route in the roads of the Vespisim, that mark a before and an after; but also to tell you a little bit about Colombia, a country that you know for sure in the News or in the series, but no one has ever told you, that it’s a country whose hearts beats in two strokes.


¿Quién está detrás del Proyecto Platónika?


Let me introduce you to “Vespertine”, my first love, the first vespa that I bought and that will stay with me forever, after she, came  “la pelada” another PX from 94. I’m not good to be a collector, so my ambition is not to have more, but here in Germany is not a bad idea to have something to ride on, by now we are building a platonic love, we will see what future brings.


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