Vespa gearbox for the Wideframe Vespa V30-33, VM, VN, VL, VB1

900 Euro seems to be a lot of money for a Vespa gearbox at first sight. Even at second glance the amount is not less, but the gearbox parts from our Italian friend Stefano Benelli rightly enjoy an excellent reputation and are worth every cent! They are essential if you want a reliable gearbox that has been tested in racing.

Benelli Vespa Tuning
If you are looking for a high-end tuning gearbox with reliable technology for your old Vespa, you will find it here! Hardened to an average of 60 HRC, Benelli parts offer exactly the perfect balance of sufficient hardness and the necessary elasticity to withstand the enormous loads in a racing engine.

Complete Vespa Wideframe gearbox

Stefano now offers his experience and enormous expertise in the form of a complete gearbox for the Wideframe models. This includes the four gears, the auxiliary shaft, the auxiliary shaft axle as well as a gearshift cross including a shift pin bushing. You can find all the details here directly at the product Benelli Wideframe gearbox

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