Brochure Vespa Smallframe Specials

Good news for the new year! For all classic Vespa lovers we have just published the new Scooter Center Specials brochure for the Vespa Smallframe, also in English!

Scooter Center Specials Vespa Smallframe Flyer 1 | 2019

As printed version…

Available soon! You can add the printed version for free to your order:

…or downloadable as PDF

Can’t wait to read the new brochure? click on the button below to download the brochure in PDF format. By clicking on the part numbers you’ll be redirected to the product page in our online shop!

Download here the new brochure!

Pictures of the Smallframe Specials brochure

Click here to view the brochure Smallframe Specials 2019

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