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In our new Scooter Center online shop you can find a wide range of scooter spare parts, items for tuning, accessories, helmets, tools, riders gear and everything you need for the maintenance and repair of your scooter. Over 40,000 items, most of them already available or can be just ordered on request.

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Vespa shop

In our shop you can find a wide range of spare parts for many scooter models like classic Vespa, modern Vespa, Lambretta and automatic scooters until 100cc or from 125cc.

Today we would like to present you our Vespa shop. Please first select your scooter model and then filter the items you need.

Simple and fast: just place the mouse over the section “Vespa” and select the scooter model. If you have searched a vehicle before, this will be saved in “RECENT SEARCHES” and if you have a Scooter Center account you can even save your scooter models in the area “MY VEHICLES”.

Smallframe, Largeframe and Wideframe?

Here in our blog article we have grouped the classic Vespa models in three categories:

  • Vespa Smallframe
  • Vespa Largeframe
  • Vespa Wideframe

The main difference is represented by the size of their frame. Largeframe models have for instance a larger frame and are heavier in comparison with the Smallframe models.

Vespa Smallframe | SFVespa Largeframe PX, Rally Sprint, etc. | LFVespa Wideframe GS, Rod model, etc. | WF

Vespa Smallframe

The genuine small Vespa models are provided with a displacement of maximum 125cc, e.g. Vespa PK 125 or Vespa Primavera/ET3.

However, the term Smallframe usually indicates 50cc scooters. The frames of the Smallframe models are narrower and lighter. On the engine side there is only a flap to reach the spark plug and other parts.

Smallframe models include for instance the following vehicles:

  • Vespa V50
  • Vespa PK
  • Vespa Primavera

Vespa V50, V90, PV, ET3


Vespa PK automatic


Vespa Wideframe

The Wideframe models are the Vespas from the early 50s: the very first models with large side panels and often with tube handlebar or headlight on the mudguard like in the rod models “Faro Basso”. All Vespas with a flap under the seat are the Wideframe models. The frames are large because of the wide engine mounting. Here some examples of this Vespa range:

  • Rod model („Faro Basso“), tube handlebar
  • Vespa T1 „Struzzo“, T2, T3
  • Vespa GS1, GS2, GS3. …

Vespa GS150, VL, VB

Vespa rod model / Faro Basso/ tube handlebar

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