35PS und 34NM at the start

Vespa 235cc

More than 235ccm and a CNC motor housing on a Vespa PX are the exception on our Scooter dnyo jet.

Only a few enthusiasts venture out to such financial and screw generic challenge on a Scooter.

Look at this outwardly unassuming, silver Vespa PX:


27.06.2014 007

38er Keihin Airstriker

27.06.2014 002

Gearing is designed to more than 50hp

Aeroengine Simonini clyinder with 70mm bore and 235cc!


At the moment “only” 35PS and 34nm – BUT: the owner will be further optimizing this engine. We will meet again on the dyno :-).

We are very excited!




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