Vespa GTS 500

Vespa GTS 500

A Vespa GTS 500 is what many GTS riders dream of. An Italian engineer has given it some serious thought and visualised a 500cc model of the GTS, and the YouTube video has been very successful. Every year there is speculation in the scene as to whether Piaggio will bring it this year. Now Björn Dressler from Berlin has beaten Piaggio to the punch. With his project “La Mutata”, Björn is bringing his conversions with up to 44 hp and 492 cc legally onto the road. Before you pull out your wallet: this conversion is not done easily! It takes about 4 months and costs a bit more than most people carry around in their wallets: it starts at 15,000 euros. Marc from Scooteria presents the project “La Mutata”, a converted Vespa GTS 500, in his latest video.

La Mutata Vespa GTS

The conversion of a Vespa Gts to a 500 Piaggio engine with German road approval and at least 39 hp! Italian for “The Mutated” – enables riding performance with a Vespa GTS that is beyond that of a 300. All installed components such as chassis and brakes are tuned to the higher torque and the significantly increased peak power. An absolute highlight for all Vespa tuning fans! A road test with the Vespa Gts 500 will be coming soon – subscribe to the Scooteria Channel and don’t miss anything else!

Technical data GTS tuning conversion

  • Engine variants: 459cm³ with 29kw/39hp at 7250rpm and 43Nm at 5500rpm 493cm³ with 30kw/41HP at 7250 rpm and 46Nm at 5250 rpm 493cc with 32kw/44hp at 7750rpm and 47.5Nm at 5500rpm
  • Top speed: 148 km/h (governed)
  • Suspension: 120/70-13 front and 130/70-13 rear Front suspension by arrangement, e.g. matching Vespa GTS shock absorber bgm PRO with TÜV Rear suspension La Mutata adjustable
  • Brakes: Front Brembo P2 on 255 brake disc Rear Brembo P2 on 240 brake disc
VESPA GTS 500 cc Tuning „La Mutata“ 2021 Teil 1