90´s Cult Scooter Rally

On 26.-28. August (bank holiday weekend) Spirit of 84 Scooterists organise an international scooter rally in Kronenberg near Venlo, Holland.

First time Venlo – Holiday in Holland

The first Venlo rally started in 1993 and, along with the Speed Demons SC rally in Borculo, it became part of the original Holiday in Holland. Scooterists from all over Europe gathered – mainly from Germany, Austria, Benelux and Britain – to enjoy a great party. If you can remember it you weren’t there, a circumstance which, unfortunately, ended in a “compulsory break”.

Today: Venlo again

Fast forward 20 years. In the middle of a hazy night the old organisers had a clear epiphany: ‘Let’s revive Venlo again.’ Since 2013 the event is back on and keeps growing. Last year more than 1300 people attended, many of whom were already there in the nineties with most arriving on two wheels, which makes it the largest independent rally on the continent.


Bringing back the spirit of the olden days is also reflected in the programme. The main floor features scooterist’s classics like Soul, R’n’B, Ska/Reggea, Brit Pop, Madchester and more. If you are more inclined to party full-on to electronic beats from four-on-the-floor to hardcore come and join us on the indie/alternative floor. Sounds are by courtesy of British and international veteran rally DJs. Please note: Kids should be kept off the site at night time.

Volles Programm


The entertainment during Saturday daytime also uses the old template from a couple of decades ago; like a custom show and a beach area to chill and enjoy fresh cocktails. There is a versatile food offering from a genuine Belgian chippy to healthy stuff for vegetarians/vegans. Incidentally, we’d like to stress that, just like the clean showers and toilet facilities, the organisers are aware the latter are NOT authentically nineties so please do accept their apologies.

On top of that there is a horse power shoot including FREE Dyno runs! The most powerful contender wins a trophy. And, of course, there will be the obligatory fun games – we shall say no more…

Grass track racing


For many a highlight is the grass track racing, becoming ever more popular from year to year. Fast pilots ride along with total novices, which is why the grits are being made up by lap times in the qualifying. The rules couldn’t be simpler: You’ll need a scooter, a helmet and protective gear – ideal for newbies. So just run wotcha brung, no need to pre-apply, simply let us know on-site.

August 26th, 2016

For more information please contact the organisers via the details below.venlo-scooterrunn-2016


What: Venlo Scooter Rally 2016
Who: Spirit of 84 Scooterists
When: 26.-28. August
Where: Manege D’n Umswing, Schorfvenweg 1, 5976 PJ Kronenberg, NL

Admission, incl. Camping:
Friday: Rollerfahrer 15 € / Autopassagier 30 €
Saturday: Rollerfahrer 10 € / Autopassagier 20 €
For more:: Facebook / Venlo Scooter Rally 2016
Contact: venloscooterrally@gmail.com

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