bgm PRO Variomatic for Piaggio Quasar engines, e.g. Vespa GTS

  • with extra long translation bandwidth
  • perfect draught and
  • high rear wheel power.

The bgm PRO variomatic uses a shorter and Kevlar reinforced V-belt than usual for Quasar engines. This allows our Vario to run a much wider range of ratios without the V-belt being able to touch the housing, as is the case with a Malossi Vario. As a result, the bgm Vario can drive a much wider range of ratios without the engine having to turn higher. A huge advantage, especially when the engine needs further tuning.

BGM2311V2 Variomatik

Engine power directly at the rear wheel

The countless bench and road tests have shown that the 250/300cc Quasar engines do not require a harder or different back pressure spring than the standard one. This means that the entire engine power is not lost in frictional heat but ends up where it belongs: at the rear wheel.

Vespa GTS Variomatic Test

With the Piaggio series variomatic, the engine runs into the governor much earlier. The power is therefore maintained much longer when looking at the speed axis, which is noticeable in a higher final speed.

Compared to the Polini set, the bgm Vario does not work at an artificially increased speed level to get an aha effect. The Polini Vario unfortunately buys its (too) high speed level with a worse efficiency.

Maintaining the same acceleration speed as the standard engine results in our bgm Vario-Kit, so that the engine is not loaded higher and the power output is pleasantly linear. In everyday use the superiority of the bgm Vario-Kit is clearly demonstrated in a direct 1:1 comparison.

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Scope of delivery BGM2311V2

  • Variator
  • front pulley
  • V-belt: aramid reinforced (Bando)
  • Weights:
  • 21x17mm 12,5g (250cc)
  • 21x17mm 13,5g (300cc)
  • Spacers for belt pulley: between bushing and front belt pulley 1x 1,3mm, 1x 1,0mm
  • (both discs must be mounted)
  • Distance washer for belt pulley: between fixing nut and front belt pulley 1x 1,0mm
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Fits the following vehicle models with quasar motor:

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