Registration – Vespa World Days 2017, Celle (Germany)

This year the biggest annual Vespa event takes place in Germany: Vespa World Days in Celle. The first fickets were sold out within a short period of time. From 28th January you have a second chance to get your ticket for the Vespa World Days ’17 in Celle, Germany.

Light Entry tickets VWD 2017 – Price: € 65.

From 28th January 2017 you can get the sought-after VDW 2017 tickets in the so-called “Light Entry” version. Light Entry? Is there any difference between “Full Entry” and “Light Entry”? Yes, “Full Entry” and “Light Entry” tickets are identical, but the “Light Entry” does’t include the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening.

Tip: book a camping place now!

Of course you can already book a camping place:

Party campsite: “Camping West” without silence curfew, adult € 50,

Family-friendly campsite, for a quiet stay: “Camping Family” (silence curfew from 10:00 p.m.), adult € 55.

This a lump-sum price for the whole period from Wednesday until Monday, independently from the date of arrival/departure.

Book Vespa Days campsite

  • Camping West (without silence curfew), adult €50
  • Camping Family (silence curfew from 10:00 p.m.), adult €55
  • Camping Family (youth, 13-16 years old) €20
  • Camping Family (child, 0-12 years old) €0

Can caravans and campers be parked on the campsite?

Unfortunately the VWD campsites have no caravan parks. You can park such vehicles at the car park of the “Schützenplatz” located in the street “Hafenstrasse”. The parking place is not bookable.

Booking further services

Optional tours can be booked in a second moment.

Tickets can be booked only through the Vespa-World-Club web platform (VCAERS):

More information available on the VWD-website of the VC-Celle:

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