Vespa PX 235cc 35PS 34NM

Vespa 235cc

35PS und 34NM at the start More than 235ccm and a CNC motor housing on a Vespa PX are the exception on our Scooter dnyo jet. Only a few enthusiasts venture out to such financial and screw generic challenge on a Scooter. Look at this outwardly unassuming, silver Vespa PX:   38er Keihin Airstriker Gearing is designed to more ...


Classic Day # 3 – first impressions

Vespa-Lambretta Classic Day #3 SCOOTER CENTER Köln

Once again you are welcome to our OPEN DAY. On Saturday the 18th of September 2010 we will be opened from 10:00 - 16:00 h. Anevent mainly organized for our friends with geared scooters like Lambretta and Vespa. Highlights: free dyno runs on SCK's Amerschläger P4 rolling road, massive parts fair job lots & bargains: we have cleared ...