Spongebob Vespa Blechkultur at Customshow

Spongebob Vespa Blechkultur

The visitors of the Scooter Center Customshow in March were able to see this great Custom Vespa already live. Now the Vespa also participates in our Facebook Custom Show.Here you can upload your own scooter - or vote for this or other Vespa and Lambretta scooters: Spongebob Vespa Blechkultur

Custom Lambretta Matt Thompson

Custom Lambretta Matt Thompson

Custom Lambretta Matt Thompson

Today we got a fantastic Lambretta scooter as participant in the Center Facebook Customhsow. Thompson is the owner, he has built this Lambretta by himself, including painting! Good job!There is a cool video with the Lambretta from Matt Thompson:[youtube] opLTkRtcnCE [/ youtube]We Love it!

L?wensenf Vespa mit 40,7 PS

Vespa Falc Racing Loewensenf

L?wensenf Vespa mit 40,7 PS

Vespa Falc Racing LoewensenfCurrently, there is the Classic Scooter Custom Show Facebook on our Facebook page.During the custom show we want you to show here some of the classic Vespa and Lambretta scooter participating the Scooter Center Facewbook custom show:Today: Falc Vespa Racing Loewensenf The information of the owner is short, but meaningful:Falc- egnine with ...

Classic Scooter Facebook Customshow

Classic Scooter Facebook Customshow

Classic Scooter Facebook Customshow

Classic Scooter Facebook CustomshowUpload an image or video from your Vespa or Lambretta scooter and let the Facebook - user vote. The award ceremony is on 14.09.2013 at the Scooter Center Classic Day'13 in Germany -> Cologne -> Bergheim Glessen.You can participate with one photo or video at up to 3 scooters - each Scooter only ...

Scooter Customshow Gewinner

Scooter Customshow Cologne Winner 2013

Scooter Customshow Gewinner

Customshow 2013 We are proud to present the winner of this years Scooter Center Customshow Classik Scooter1. Place Name Scooter 2. Place Name ScooterBest of All 7 Ladwig Tobias Vespa Sprint "Hot Choclate"Best Custom 128 Ladwig Tobias Vespa VNB "Trend Killer" 8 Lehmann Kim Vespa V50 "Spongy"Best Streetcustom 27 Maik Ediger Vespa PX "Sportster" 12 Pekrul Dirk Vespa VB1T "Smokey & the Bandit"Best Racer 138 Christian Lohey Vespa PX 14 Schnee Karsten Vespa V50N "SSR ...

Customshow Moers

Last Saturday the Niederrunners SC in Moers organised their 2nd Vespa and Lambretta Customshow. Venue was again the Bollwerk 107 in close by Moers central station. Good weather and great food and drinks made this event fantastic. A jumping castle for the kids and lots of things to discover attracted also many young families. Lots of ...

Customshow and Nighter in Moers, Germany

This Saturday the 2nd Classic Customshow in Moers, Germany will take place again hosted by Niederrunners SC. Great show and good party in the evening.There will be plenty of food from the barbie and drinks. There will be a bouncy castle for the small ones and a test rig for the big ones 🙂DJ Champ ...


Zu unserem 20 jährigen wollten wir ein besonderes Projekt auf die Beine stellen. Bis Anfang Januar gab es nur die Idee als solche und keine konkreten Vorstellungen was genau es für ein Roller werden soll. Klar ist nur, bis zur Custom Show in Ried/Österreich am 25.02.2012 soll der Roller fertig sein. Also eine durchaus ...

Customshow tickets available

SCOOTER CENTER Scootertuning Customshow "Scootershow" tickets are available now. Order here. Find more info abaout the famous show @ & Facebook

Classic Scooter Customshow Cologne

Vielen Dank an die Twisted Pistons und die Scooterszene Köln für eine tolle Veranstaltung bei traumhaften Wetter in einer super Location. Das SCOOTER CENTER hat diesen tollen Event gerne unterstützt! Hier präsentieren wir Dir die Fotos und die Ergebnisse der Vespa & Lambretta Customshow in Köln: Ergebnisse: Best Lambretta Oldie: Charlotte von Rolf May (LCD) Best Lambretta ...

SCK Scootershow. Date for 2011 confirmed.

Good news in the morning, the date for next year's SCOOTER CENTER customshow is confirmed now. The 19th of March is thte date to be written in your little red book. With the well proved programme for a nice season start:stunning Customs from all over Europe meet & greet of Europe's Toptuners and Cutomizers massive trade area for ...

SCOOTER CENTER Scootertuning Customshow Video

The first video of our Scootershow is ready! [youtube]Gf6aWj5mnB8[/youtube]

Perfect season opening with our Scootershow

3rd SCOOTER CENTER Customshow in CologneThat was a perfect season opening on Saturday! We are still buzzed away about the quality of the show and the relaxed atmosphere!More than 2.300 visitors, 152 displayed Customscoots and a terrific atmosphere during te hole day! So once again the Scootershow was the place to be!All attendends and all ...

And again! Customshow Livestream



Preview SCOOTER CENTER Customshow in Köln


Scooter Tuning Customshow in KölnThe countdown is running and we can't stand it that it is finished. but we have to wait until next. Next Saturday the the 3rd SCOOTER CENTER Customshow takes place in Cologne. Web site: www.scootershow.deThe main acts are chosen out from more than 200 application we were only able to take ...

Customshow Ried

Last weekend we have been out for the Customshow in Ried/Austria.After the 700 km trip it was a pleasure to meet Stoffi and his team. And not just because of the beer he offered.The place where the show was held was really amazing. A proper tradeshow place that was packed with scooter even on Friday ...

Scooter jumble at our Scootershow 2010

Customshow Teilemarkt

Once again you should look forward for our big Scootershow. Beside of the roughly 150 Customscoots there will be our parts fare. Everyone can share, bring his parts and sell them. So probably you'll find some nice bargains for your next project. Job lots and for sure those nice high end parts of the dealers ...

1. Italian Customshow in Riva


SCOOTER CENTER was glad to visit the 1st Italian Customshow in Riva del Garda.A nice place associated with scenic landscapes, nice roads around the lake itself. Something you could really enjoy. Something we have seen at least while arriving and leaving. The rest of the time we have spend doing the Scooter ...

TV coverage of our SCOOTERSHOW 2009

Today is the day you have been waiting for. It's the day where you can find the TV coverage of our SCOOTER CENTER - Customshow online.Pixelgarage / Karacho Motormagazine has been visited the show, took miles and miles of footage and did some interesting interviews as well.The coverage brings back beautiful memories of this year's ...