bgm manoeuvring aid for scooters now finally available again!

Stabile Stahl Motorroller Rangierhilfe Vespa, Lambretta etc.

Scooter manoeuvring aid: Parking, unparking, parking everything is child’s play!

The manoeuvring aid for scooters from bgm is designed to manoeuvre your scooters safely and comfortably even in the smallest gaps. This manoeuvring plate for scooters with main stand is adjustable in width from 34cm to 62cm and can therefore be used for many vehicles. Examples see below.

Of course this bgm PRO quality manoeuvring aid is made of galvanized steel! This solid construction allows a load of up to 200kg. For comparison: a Vespa PX 200 for example weighs only about 115kg, so there is enough safety and weight reserve.

Clever manoeuvring aid for all classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters ideal for workshop, garage, shed, cellar, storage room or living room. So your scooter also looks good in the living room and is quickly pushed aside when wiping / vacuuming. Perfect also to park the vehicle in a narrow garage quickly and without effort.

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Manoeuvring aid for scooters in the video:

Rangierhilfe Vespa und Lambretta sowie viele andere Motorroller


Simply place the manoeuvring aid under the scooter and jack it up with the main stand. The front wheel is now free and the scooter can be moved easily via the rear wheel and the 4 extremely easy running and steering rollers. The scooter can now be easily manoeuvred to any angle, very easy and without any effort,

  • Adjustable in width, therefore suitable for many vehicles.
  • Stand width: min 34cm – max 62cm
  • Solid galvanized steel construction.
  • The manoeuvring aid has a load capacity of up to 200 kg, and each roller can carry a weight of up to 50 kg.
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With the extension kit for the rear wheel the scooter can be turned on the spot! Because this way the front and rear wheel no longer have contact with the ground. So the scooter can be stored well and safely even in the smallest corner and can be easily brought out again.

Rangierhilfe Addon Erweiterung

Shunting aid extension in the video:

Erweiterungssatz Rangierhilfe (für Hinterrad) -BGM PRO- Smallframe/Largeframe/Wideframe, Lambretta

Example Vehicles with main stand that fit on the shunting plate:

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