Also the Scootering-Magazine has our new bgm tire did not escape. So the current issue contains a nice report on our Classic tyres, here they are compared with the legendary MICHELIN ACS, justified.

bgm Classic Reifen Michelin ACS



bgm has launched a new tyre which is a throwback to the old days of scootering but using modern technology. Simply labelled the Classic, the tread pattern is similar to that of the Michelin ACS. For those that can’t remember, the ACS was one of the best tread patterns ever designed for the scooter, not only giving good road-handling properties in the dry but also in wet conditions. For years it was standard issue equipment for both the Vespa and Lambretta. Even today, original examples of the ACS can fetch huge sums as owners want that retro look. Michelin destroyed the moulds back in the late 1980s and so it was consigned to the history books. Thankfully BGM has brought it back to life with the company’s new design. The Classic is speed-rated up to 150kmh/93mph, which is very impressive. This is down to a strengthened carcass which not only improves stability at high speed but also when cornering. Cornering is aided even further by the V shape of the pro?le compared with the U shape, which allows more surface contact as the lean angle is increased. Using a revised compound, they are super grippy in any conditions. Not only does this mean that owners with standard machines who want that classic tyre look will bene?t but also those with tuned engines can use them as well. The Classic is made in Germany and available in the traditional 3.50-10 size. These tyres are now being distributed in the UK with many dealers already stocking them. For more info: www.scooter-center.com


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