Scooter Center Customshow 2015

On March 21, 2015, we start the eighth International Scooter Center Customshow for Classic and Automatic Scooter in Cologne.

Scooter Customshow Scootershow 2015

Scooter Customshow 2015

The history of the Scooter Center Customshows goes way back in time. Before we moved to the stunning location of AbenteuerHallenKALK, we already had organized Customshows outdoors for over 10 years. As part of our legendary Opendays event in front of the Scooter Center Store in Bergheim. These Customshows were at that time not nearly as large as today’s show – but the spirit was all the same!

We have always had awesome scooters on the show. The scooters have been lovingly remodeled with great creativity and technical skill with infinite amount of time and often with a lot of money used for really hot Customscoots. Blatant finishes, gold, chrome. Airbrush, colorful, longer, shorter, higher, deeper, louder and usually faster than the police permits or extremely rare and much older than the owners themselves. This is a diverse custom scene. PURE SCOOTERING

We all meet once a year in Cologne SCOOTERSHOW – the International Scooter Customshow in Cologne. The scooter changes, were have added many new scooters there. Many Custom projects have undergone a veritable evolution and were gradually further developed. Other legendary custom scooters are retrieved from the basement and remember today the wild beginnings of the Classic Scooterscene of the 80’s and 90’s.

The Real Heroes

Classic Scooter & Automatic Scooter. Vespa, Lambretta – Streetracer, Leiter, Dragscoot, Cupracer, Streesleeper, Speedfight, Aerox and Co – the true heroes are the ones who stand behind the scooters!

This ye are, that you are, and we really appreciate it! We plan and organize now and already looking forward to a great Customshow.
We look forward seeing you at the SCOOTERSHOW’15 on 21.03.2015 in Cologne.

Customshow 2015 - True Heroes

You can register yourself with your scooter here: Customshow registration

More than Custom Scooter

In addition to the exhibition of scooters, there is a lot to see and to experience. In Cologne, the scooter scene will hit the season start. The Scooter Center and bgm will have new Scootertuning products on display and bargain-hunters will, again, find there many large and small parts stands. And, of course, a delicious buffet is also provided.

As great as the similarities are – also the music often share the spirits. We’ve learned a lot and in the 2015 event, we therefore are providing two separate halls with music – 2 Floors.


Here is the official HD video from 2014:

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