Scooter Center – MB Developments RACETOUR PROJECT 195 officially launched!

A couple of days Japan’s leading scooter magazine SCOOTER DAYS has published an article about a nice joint venture between MB Developments, bgm, KASHIRA products, Taka from and us. The story started months ago.
Taka will be the leading man for the project. Together with MB Developments and we will supply the parts for the bike. Mainly this is the complete bgm range for Lambretta.
There will be created a bike to show to Japanese scooterists. Everybody will be allowed to ride and use the bike and get a feeling for a bike built from the best parts available. Originally it was planned to convert a Series 2 to something similar like the Rallymaster. Sadly the frame was to rotten and no spare frame easy to get in Japan. So the plan was changed and an officially GP 200 imported to Japan is used now. This had some unique features to satisfy market needs. The headset from the SX range was used for a more 6Ts look. Additionally indicators like on the mid version Serveta and a spare wheel carrier at the rear.
The masterplan is t o give a massive technical upgrade to the bike for ultra reliability. The small engine casings will be equipped with the MBD Racetour kit, bgm 600 mm stroke crank with 110 mm Yamaha con rod, bgm 30 mm PWK carb and Clubman style exhaust. The goal is to get good power, a very wide power spread and ultra low fuel consumption. Therefore the MB reed inlet manifold will be used. For additional reliability the bgm ignition and regulator will be fitted.
For sure chassis and brakes will be upgraded using bgm parts as well. Gadget like Satnav will be powered straight from the DC power output of the regulator. So will the bike be equipped with fuel gauge, rev counter and other nice gimmicks.
After the Japanese disaster the decision was very soon made, that the bike will be auctioned and the money taken spent for the victims.


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