Zylinder Polini 221 Alu Vespa PX200

Polinis project to launch the well known 210cc aluminum cylinder for the PX as a long-stroke version (as reported), is finally in the last steps.

Zylinder Polini 221 Alu Vespa PX200The new cylinder, which is presumably similar to the existing 210cc cylinder (but with a long aluminium bore), will be available with a special cylinder head to fit the stroke of 60mm. For further details such as steering angle, compression and performance data we will keep you posted as these information are not known yet.

The cylinder head will also be available separately. According to Polini this head will also fit the existing aluminium and cast iron versions with standard stroke. We will see how this is achieved and what head will look like.

The performance of the current 57mm stroke alu version can be found in our earlier blog reports here:

Polini 210 Alu Plug & Play

Polini 210 with conversion

A special self-made long-stroke version has been tested here:

Polini 230cc

We expect that the new version will have an even broader performance than the 210cc variant, as the angle bound will automatically grow through the use of a 60mm stroke crankshaft. This would certainly result in an engine concept for everyday use with lots of torque from low engine speeds, a strong middle performance and a sufficient rotatory power for the highway. All without the balancing act of the old thermal cast iron version.

Polini will also offer an own designed crankshaft for this cylinder kit:

Kurbelwelle Polini PX200 60mm Hub für Alu Zylinder 221ccmPolini speaks of a well balanced shaft. Here again, we will post all further information as soon as we receive it and have verified it ourselves .. The suggested retail price of Polini is around 290Euro

The cylinder will of course also run on any 60mm stroke crank. A high quality and significantly less expensive alternative is our bgm PRO crankshaft which has been proven in quite a few very powerful engines

Kurbelwelle PX200 Lagnhub 60mm BGM pro

With a selling price of 179,99 € our bgm crank it will be much cheaper than the polini version but regarding quality it will be similar and has proven its power already in many existing setups.

Conclusion: Polini makes again a big step forward regarding its leadership in terms of product innovations in the kickstart scooter market. While rival Malossi currently limits their ideas to changing names of already existing products, Polini shows what they can provide with a little more courage and innovative spirit.

The selling price of the new cylinder will be a slightly higher than the current 210cc cylinder as the head will be included in the new kit.

Cylinder and shaft together will offer a strong Touring Package that will probably have around 20hp.
What do you need more?

Surely one of the loveliest invention for the PX200 since our BGM Superstrong Cosa clutch

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