Our bgm test bike. This project will be restored with our bgm parts in order to show it on the EuroLambretta.

After the initial work steps we got an overview of what we needed.

We decided to use a new floor board and side panels as well. With some effort they have perfect clearance between horn cast and leg shield and as well between bridge piece and floor board. Luckily nearly all Lambretta body parts are still available. Our Scooter Center stickers can be seen in the pictures.

The mudguard shape is slightly altered. The shape is a bit more sportive. The brackets for fixing the mudguard to the fork have been welded to the opposite side in order to make room for the weld-on damper brackets.

Now we just need to decide on the colour scheme.

Some bodyparts needed some TLC so therefore we decided to let the body parts being sand blasted.

The engine was checked and ripped apart in order to exchange all necessary parts. The casings were prepared for sand blasting as well.

To be continued…

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