Hello I’m Maryzabel and I do part of the Scooter Center team. In the SC Newsblog I will show you my adventures here and give you a look behind the Scenes.

My final trainee step brought me to the technical department. So I had to put away the notebook and put on the work gloves. Additionally to the technical work, I will also do some video footage on the work that we do.
One idea of me was to restore a Vespa Smallframe so that I get back on a Vespa gain instead of using the public transport. With everyone very passionate about scooters, they instantly liked the idea. After some head scratching about the state of my Smallframe, the technicians came up with another idea. Why not build a scooter from scratch. ALL YOU NEED for that is here and the plan was to use one of the LML frame sets and combine it with an engine with the full bgm treatment. The imagination started and everybody was hooked by the idea.
So we are now not only going to build the Vespa of my dreams, we will also do un-boxing videos, reviews and tutorials.

And for sure we will show you the build of the Vespa step by step. She will be a platonic love.
Here we have the teaser of the things to come.

PROJECT PLATÓNIKA - Building a Vespa bgm 177 - Teaser

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