Scheinwerfer -MOTO NOSTRA- LED HighPower - GTS i.e. Super 125-300 - (-2018, auch passend für GT, GTS, GTL) - schwarzer ReflektorMoto Nostra Artikel-Nr.: MN1102B

LED headlight black

The Moto Nostra LED headlamp for Vespa GTS with E9 marking (road approval) and powerful high/low beam and position light is now also available in black:

6x higher luminosity & easy mounting

Thanks to its greatly increased light output, the headlamp offers you a significant plus in safety with less power consumption. Of course our Moto Nostra headlight has an E-mark and can therefore be used legally in road traffic without further TÜV/Dekra approval.
Thanks to easy mounting you can also install the headlight yourself: here you can find the installation instructions for LED headlight GTS

Buy black LED headlight here

Advantage of LED headlights on the Vespa GTS

The light output of the Vespa GTS models is 65 watts with the standard headlight bulb.
The luminosity measured in lumens is around the value 100.

The LED headlight has a luminosity almost six times as high (600/650 lumens). The power consumption is only 20Watt. In this way a considerably better illumination can be achieved. Another advantage is that the battery is loaded 66% less. So there is still a lot of reserve for other consumers.

  • Luminosity 600 / 650 lumen
  • Voltage: 12 Volt DC (direct current)
  • Power consumption: 1.8A/1.3A
  • Power consumption: 21.5W/15W/1.9W
  • fits without modifications in all Vespa GT/GTS models (until 2018)
Buy black LED headlight here


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