Vespa Auspuff Exhaust bgm PRO MB Big Box Prototype

Vespa exhaust bgm PRO

Our exhaust manufacturer has delivered the first samples made after the sample developed by Mark Broadhurst. We received samples for the P2 as well as for the 125 and 150 P-range engines.

First sight: Well done! Optics and machining as desired. Thick, massive made, shape of the U-bend spot on and the measurements of the exhaust bushing is right too.

If it proofs itself at the dyno, the manufacturer could start. An a delivery date within this year could easily been done.

For testing we had this engines:

All dyno runs were done on proper warmed up engines. The comparsion is against the exhausts already fitted to each scooter and against SIP Road exhaust.

Nearly all scooters were used on the road afterwards to see the changes done to the power characteristics in the real world too. And all the riders were happy how the engines transformed and were much faster and easier to ride.

Upshot: Production can be started!

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