Ludwig & Scherer are THE two-stroke exhaust specialists! Especially for the Smallframe engines, their products seem to turn into instant classics. Their official first release, the “Hammerzombie”, is our evergreen when it comes to powering Smallframes. The “Big Bertha“ was developed for Parmakit’s SP09 cylinder. Power unfolds continuously on a wide power band, easily surpassing the 20 hp mark. The “Franz“ is state of the art at the moment for really powerful engines with a broad power band. With exhaust port timings of 190°-185° it works best. With a ported Polini 133cc cast barrel, 54mm bgm crankshaft, Vespatronic ignition and 30mm Mikuni carb (main 290, needle 5EN68, pilot jet 20) our Alex has achieved 27 hp at the rear wheel. Workmanship, mountings, muffler and fit leave nothing to be desired. The exhaust are available for scoots with the small luggage box on the left hand side as well as for those without it.

And as if there is no stopping them: their latest exhaust – the “Feuerzauber” reached Alex at the last minute! In direct comparison to “Franz” the exhaust starts slightly later but has a visibly higher peak and achieves a 1,000 rpm wider band. 29 hp with the cast iron Polini is worth mentioning! We recommend 128° for the port transfer and 192° at the exhaust port. Workmanship, mountings, muffler and fit leave nothing to be desired!

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