Vespa PK S mit Kantemschutz

We have it: Leg shield beading for Vespa PK, PK-S, PK-S Lusso, PK ETS

The Vespa PK S models and the big sister Vespa PK ETS have become cult models among the Vespa Smallframe models. These scooter models have developed into sought-after vehicles.

From Piaggio, the list of original spare parts still available for the first models of the PK series is getting shorter and shorter.
Beside the peculiarities like

  • Speedo,
  • tank and the
  • Handlebar cover,

is certainly the edge protector for the leg shield / Leg shield beading of one of the most sought-after spare parts. With the PK S, this Leg shield beading  is a design that it does not share with later models, which makes this part even rarer!



The rare spare part was not available for a long time.

Now, after almost a year and the examination of many samples, we can offer the edge protection of the PKS/ETS models again in very good quality and fit.
The available colours are: silver (as in the original) and new: also in black.

The Vespa PKS is independent when assembling the edge protectors, because the edge protectors are riveted to a tread strip end piece.
We can offer the necessary end pieces of the step strips in various sets.
The following variants are available:

  • silver, without fixing material 3332778
  • black, without material for fastening 3332779
  • silver, incl. step end pieces and rivets 3332778KTS1
  • black, incl. step end pieces and rivets 3332779KTB1
  • silver, incl. step strips, step strip end pieces and rivets 3332778KTS2
  • black, incl. step strips, step strip end pieces and rivets 3332779KTB2

Simple assembly:

You need a drill/drill, and a riveter tool

  1. The heads of the blind rivets of the front, outer step strips must be removed by drilling. The end pieces thus release the old edge protection. The remains of the blind rivets remain in the old end pieces, so the end pieces, which are usually already damaged, can unfortunately no longer be used.
  2. The new edge protector is guided downwards from above, simultaneously on both sides in the bead of the leg shield.
  3. The two curves at the top are hooked into the bead.
  4. The new edge protection is hooked in with the new tread strip end pieces at the bottom and the tread strip end pieces are fastened with blind rivets.
  5. Finished :-)


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