Individual gift ideas for scooterists by the Scooter Center team

Name: Alex


How long have you been working for Scooter Center:

Since 2002

What is your task at Scooter Center:

Basically anything related to technical scooter equipment.

What’s your relation to scooters:

I still have my first scooter – a typical PX80. Some PX200, also with sidecar, a T4 from 1961 (my oldest scooter), an ET3, V50S, V50Special and more complete my fleet.
During ESC racing weekends and for long distance races I also ride a PK-XL.

Racing is one of my favourite past times.

Gift idea for scooterists

Gudgeon pin puller -UNIVERSAL- Ø=13, 15, 16, 19, 22mm

Part no. 7674333


gudgeon pin puller



Bummed worn or tight gudgeon pins are a nightmare. The puller eliminates the danger of accidentally bending the connecting rod of the crankshaft.

Gudgeon pin puller

This awesome tool extremely simplifies pulling the gudgeon pin. This tool is perquisite when it comes to vehicles, which can only be worked on from one side. Take Vespa PX, for instance. The gap between frame and cylinder is very small, making it almost impossible to use pliers. A very tight gudgeon pin can also be a problem when working on the engine placed on a workbench. If you want to pull the pin, you will have to support the connecting rod and the piston in order to put no pressure in the connecting rod bearing and/or the thrust washer.
The Buzzetti tool solves this problem by resting on the piston. The pin is pulled with a suitable taper adaptor with internal thread. This process resembles unscrewing a simple screw. It is extremely simple and still highly efficient. Defects to the crank drive are prevented in the first place and an exchange is a lot easier.

Supplied with taper adaptors with the following diameters:
Ø= 13,15,16,19,22mm

Even Martin Cook of Chislespeed (GB) said in Scootering magazine no. 308 that it was his favourite tool!


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