Tolle Vespa für Kinder

Give a Vespa for Easter!

That would be a great Easter present for the young scooter riders: A super original Piaggio licensed construction: The electric Vespa for children!

Children’s vehicles as detailed replica of the Italian original: available as Vespa PX and as Vespa GTS:

Kids Electro Vespa Scooter | Vespa für Kinder

Kids scooter Vespa GTS | Kids scooter Vespa PX

Vespa Kinderroller Vespa PX rot

We think that these scooters are too super successful, we ride them ourselves from time to time in our camp. In the exhibition we have some as toys for children, which are used with pleasure.

The proportions are right and for the kids there are great features on board: Like radio/ MP3 player, light & sound, imitation leather seat, ignition lock with starter sound and of course an electric motor with 2 speed settings.


Great colours like the original

Available in many great colors
:Kids scooter PX: ROSA | WHITE | BLACK | RED | BLUE


Kids scooter GTS: GREY | RED | WHITE

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Easy mounting

The scooter is delivered pre-assembled, the assembly (support wheels, fork, seat) takes maximum half an hour and can be done with a standard screwdriver.
The delivery includes the scooter with batteries and charger.

The perfect gift for children of scooter riders. This children’s Elektrovespa will make children’s eyes light up!


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