Polini Box Vespa

POLINI ROAD BOX Vespa PX now available again

The Polini Road Box exhaust is now available again for small and big engines:

This Poini exhaust for Vespa is a very good alternative to the old SIP Road. The Polini outperforms the SIP Road over the whole rev band, both in power and torque. The early and high torque application makes the Polini Box the ideal touring companion. The well-thought-out design of the exhaust system makes it possible to maintain the low and pleasant noise level of the system permanently.

Of course we tested the exhaust ourselves and drove many kilometres with it. The quality and fit is good, even the exhaust paint on the manifold lasts longer than average. Harmonizes very well with the BGM177 cylinder.

TIP: Choose the carburetor spraying about 2-3 sizes bigger than a SIP Road

Vespa PX Polini Auspuff Box


The exhaust was designed explicitly for the Vespa PX models. On older vehicles, which were built before the PX series, it is possible that the stop plate of the main stand touches the manifold. From our experience they only touched the angle plate of the main stand at Vespa Sprint, Rally and Co.

bgm BigBox – a good choice!

Our bgm BigBox fits of course on PX and the Touring without problems also on Vespa Rally, Sprint & Co. and is often a super alternative not only for these oldtimers. Choose between BigBox Touring or BigBox Sport, depending on the engine concept and characteristics.

Auspuff bgm Bigbox Vespa


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