New carburettor connection rubbers from bgm PRO

In countless long and short distance races and test kilometres the 12mm wide hose clamps from ABA SAFE have proven their worth. The ABA Safe™ clamp uses the elasticity of the intake rubber and protects this relatively soft rubber hose from damage. The clamping force is increased at the profile beads, there are no sharp edges and the 12mm wide clamps fit tightly without stressing the carburettor connection rubber.

bgm Vergaser-Anschluss-Gummis für 12mm ABA Save Schellen Vergasergummi Vespa & co.

We have now developed new bgm connection rubbers that are wide enough to neatly accommodate these 12mm wide hose clamps.

Vergaseranschlussgummis bgm PRO

Carburettor connection rubbers bgm PRO

Another advantage is that our bgm connecting rubbers from the carburettor to the intake manifold are made of a very oil and petrol tolerant material. This makes the carburettor connection rubbers a highly reliable and durable part on your scooter.

Available sizes & conversion rubber

  1. 28.5mm connecting rubber carburettor/intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW=28.5/28.5mm
    • Polini CP
  2. 30mm connecting rubber carburettor/intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW=30/30mm
    • Dellorto PHBL
    • Mikuni TM 24
  3. 35mm connecting rubber carburettor/intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW=35/35mm
    • Dellorto PHBH 28/30
    • Dellorto VHST 24-36
    • Dellorto VHSH 30
    • Mikuni TM 28
    • Mikuni TMX 27/30
    • Keihin PWK 28/30
    • Polini 28/30
  4. 40mm connecting rubber carburettor/intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW=40/40mm
    • Mikuni TMX 32-35
    • Keihin PWK 33-35
    • Koso 28-34
  5. 35/40mm Conversion connecting rubber carburettor/intake manifold -BGM PRO- AW=35/40mm
    • 35mm
    • 40mm



  1. The carburettor and intake manifold should be thoroughly degreased before fitting.
  2. The 12mm ABA SAFE hose clamps should also not be overtightened.

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