Wow – what a year!

There were some challenging chicanes put on the track for all of us. But we raced through the winding course with a lot of dedication and mostly on our knees. The Scooter Center team stuck together and did an incredible job. In the lockdown, our shop was and is currently closed again, our solution: we now offer a Click & Collect service! Simply order online and collect your scooter from the store on the same day – important: wait for the collection e-mail. And the staff from the shop now support the team. In the LockDown there were restrictions worldwide, our solution: we switched from DHL to UPS, for example, to still make our customers happy.

We want to make you happy also in 2021 and do everything for it!

The entire Scooter Center team thanks you for your loyalty and looks forward to 2021 with you!


Review 2020

Here you can find all blog posts from 2020, we start in January:

Vespa Tutorial Video

Vespa Tutorial Videos

Instructions and tutorial videos for your Vespa PX
Next week…
07/02/2020/by Heiko Lepke
BGM PRO Bremsbacken für viele Rollermodelle erhältlich

New: BGM PRO brake shoes with brake lining Made in Germany available for many scooter models

BGM PRO brake shoes with brake lining MADE IN GERMANY
11/02/2020/by Heiko Lepke

MOTO NOSTRA key spiral – the practical classic for scooters

The key spiral - a classic newly discovered
I had one - everyone…
14/02/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Vespa Scheibe GTS Vespa HPE

Windshield disc for Vespa GTS HPE

Does the Vespa GTS disc also fit on a Vespa HPE?
Our small sport…
14/02/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Scheinwerfer -MOTO NOSTRA- LED HighPower - GTS i.e. Super 125-300 - (-2018, auch passend für GT, GTS, GTL) - schwarzer ReflektorMoto Nostra Artikel-Nr.: MN1102B

Moto Nostra LED headlights for Vespa GTS black with E-marking

LED headlight black
The Moto Nostra LED headlamp for Vespa GTS…
14/02/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Tutorial stud bolt Vespa PX

How are stud bolts mounted on a Vespa?
In the context of our…
18/02/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Vespa Auspufftest BGM Big Box Touring (BBT) & Big Box Sport (BBS) –

Test Vespa Box Exhaust
Boris Goldberg, in cooperation with MMW…
19/02/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Polini Box Vespa

Exhaust POLINI ROAD BOX Vespa PX available again

POLINI ROAD BOX Vespa PX now available again
The Polini Road…
19/02/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Alaaf! Jetzt startet der Karneval in Köln Wir haben geöffnet!

Carnival in the Rhineland – we are normally open!

Now the carnival starts in Cologne and the other strongholds…
20/02/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Malossi Piaggio Mofa Teile

MALOSSI Wing Clutch Bell Piaggio Mofa Boxer, Ciao, Bravo

Clutch bell Malossi for Mofa Piaggio Ciao, Boss, SI - Variomatic…
20/02/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Riding Classic Riding Fast - bgm Rollerreifen

New 10 inch scooter tyres from bgm Reifen Sport up to 180km/h – Classic up to 150km/h | MADE in GERMANY

bgm Tyres MADE in GERMANY
Since 1992, the Scooter Center can…
28/02/2020/by Heiko Lepke

TUTORIAL – Crushing edge Vespa PX

How do I measure the pinch point on the cylinder head?
In our…
05/03/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Malossi Promo Shirt GRATIS

Malossi Promo Action -> Malossi Shirt + Sticker + Catalogue free of charge

Discover the Malossi Shop and get your free Malossi Merchandise-Package!
06/03/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Scooter Center Classic Day 2020

Classic Day 2020

Scooter Center Classic Day Update 03/20:
We have to postpone…
13/03/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Scooter Center neue Öffnungszeiten

Corona Update

Support / Shipping / Online Shop open - Showroom & Shop opened…
18/03/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Zündung-Set -BGM Pro elektronisch- Vespa Ciao, SI - verwendbar mit Motorgehäuse Polini oder Malossibgm Pro Artikel-Nr.: BGM6666

bgm goes Mofa Tuning – Complete electronic ignition for Piaggio Ciao and SI Mofa

Mofa tuning parts at the Scooter Center
The topic Piaggio Mofa…
19/03/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Steuerzeiten App Gewinnspiel

To win: Timing APP

Timing APP to win
Probably many of us wish we had a time machine…
23/03/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Bgm Classic tyre fitting

How do I mount the tyres on a Vespa / Lambretta?
Using our bgm…
25/03/2020/by Heiko Lepke
PMT Reifen

PMT Tyres Racing & Sport Tyres for Scooters

PMT tyres - uncompromising sports and racing tyres for scooters
26/03/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Toptul tool for the scooter workshop

At the Scooter Center you can now get TOPTUL tools
30/03/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Sitzbank bgm PRO Lambretta Lui

Beautiful bgm PRO Fastback seat for the Lambretta LUI

Little Lambretta very big
The LUI was intended to anticipate…
01/04/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Tolle Vespa für Kinder

Gift idea for Easter: Kids electric Vespa

Give a Vespa for Easter!
That would be a great Easter present…
03/04/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Transfer ports mill engine Vespa PX

The Vespa engine - the heart of Platónika - has received the…
15/04/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Drehmoment Motorroller

Tightening Torques Vespa and Lambretta

Tightening torques for bolts and nuts on the scooter
How tight…
16/04/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Scooter Center neue Öffnungszeiten

New opening hours of the shop near Cologne

From Monday, 20 April 2020 new opening hours Scooter Center store…
17/04/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Corona delivery information

Daily worldwide shipping under Corona conditions
You can find…
24/04/2020/by Uwe
Vespa Zündung umrüsten elektronische Zündung

Vespa conversion from contact ignition to electronic ignition

Vespa Largeframe conversion to electronic ignition
Vespa engines…
04/05/2020/by Heiko Lepke
bgm PRO Variomatik für Piaggio Quasar Motoren, z.B. Vespa GTS

Variomatic Vespa GTS bgm PRO Vespa Piaggio 250-300 cc Quasar engines

bgm PRO Variomatic for Piaggio Quasar engines, e.g. Vespa GTS

05/05/2020/by Heiko Lepke

TUTORIAL – Measuring the inlet timing Vespa P PE PX

Inlet timing Vespa P PE PX
In today's video and blog it is about…
05/05/2020/by Heiko Lepke

What and above all who is behind the Platónika project?

Who, What, How PLATÓNIKA?
We know that our Platónika project…
05/05/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Lambretta Zündung bgm PRO

New Lambretta ignition from bgm PRO

The Lambretta ignition
The bgm PRO Lambretta ignition was one…
05/05/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Scooter Center Support Service Team

Reachability by telephone – new opening hours

New opening hours Scooter Center
Please note our new shop opening…
06/05/2020/by Heiko Lepke
der bgm PRO SPORT Reifen in der Hand

Tyres bgm SPORT Tubeless 3.50-10 now available!

bgm SPORT tyres now available in the tubeless version (TL)
20/05/2020/by Heiko Lepke
bgm Classic Rollerreifen im Video

Presentation bgm CLASSIC scooter tyre

bgm CLASSIC scooter tyres 3.50 /10
In this video Alex introduces…
25/05/2020/by Heiko Lepke
bgm PRO Öl Flasche

Our bgm PRO 2-stroke oil gets a new bottle with EasyFill

bgm PRO oil with new bottle design
Our bgm two-stroke oils now…
08/06/2020/by Heiko Lepke
bgm PRO Touring Alu

Vespa Cosa bgm PRO Touring Alu clutch plates CR80 Plug & Play

Vespa Cosa clutch plates bgm PRO Touring Alu
bgm PRO Touring…
15/06/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Bell Helm 50% SALE


BELL motorcycle helmet sale 50% discount
We need space and…
17/06/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Scooter Center Bandana

Bandana multifunctional cloth Scooter Center | bgm | Moto Nostra

Bandana scarf with Scooter Center motives
This Scooter Center…
19/06/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Motorroller Rangierhilfe Vespa, Lambretta etc.

Shunting aid for scooters with main stand Vespa, Lambretta etc.

bgm manoeuvring aid for scooters now finally available again!

23/06/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Vespa V50 shock absorber adapter CMD Joe Possum – small frame rear

Vespa V50 shock absorber adapter CMD Joe Possum
There Wolfgang…
25/06/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Auspuff Vespa PK 50 bgm PRO BigBox TOURING

New exhaust Vespa PK50 & PK125 racing exhaust BigBox TOURING bgm PRO

NEW: Exhaust bgm PRO BigBox TOURING for Vespa PK50 & PK125
30/06/2020/by Heiko Lepke
MwSt. gesenkt - wir geben die Preise weiter

Reduction of VAT in Germany from 19% to 16%

3% reduction in value added tax
From 1 July 2020: the value…
30/06/2020/by Heiko Lepke
bgm SPORT Reifen 3.50-10 Schlauchreifen lieferbar

bgm SPORT 3.50-10 tubular tyres available – REINFORCED 180 km/h

bgm SPORT 3.50-10 now also available as tubular tire!
The bgm…
02/07/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Quattrini M200 Auspuff Ludwig & Scherer OTTO

Quattrini M200 exhaust “OTTO” from Ludwig & Scherer

New Ludwig & Scherer exhaust for Quattrini M200 cylinder…
09/07/2020/by Heiko Lepke

PIRELLI SL26 3.50-10 Pirelli has stopped production – the alternative

PIRELLI SL26 3.50-10 Alternative
Pirelli has now stopped production…
09/07/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Scootering: bgm CLASSIC Reifen

Scootering magazine about our bgm CLASSIC tyres (Michelin ACS)

Also the Scootering-Magazine has…
09/07/2020/by Heiko Lepke
? Germany has reduced the VAT - Buy cheaper now!

Germany has reduced the VAT – Buy cheaper now!

Germany has reduced the value added tax!
Use this advantage…
10/07/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Vespa GTS Custom Umbau Tuning

Individual Vespa GTS conversion, tuning – Vespa GTS Custom

Vespa GTS conversion, tuning -> Vespa GTS custom scooter
20/07/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Ölwanne Vespa GTS schwarz

Vespa GTS conversion – oil pan black MOTO NOSTRA

Install black oil pan Vespa GTS
Why convert a Vespa GTS oil…
20/07/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Mofa Moped Tuning Katalog 2019 / 2020

Vespa Ciao Mofa Moped Specials Catalog

Scooter Center SPECIALS Catalog VESPA MOFA / MOPED
22/07/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Chapter 3 – She’s alive! – Vespa Platónika PX bgm 177

Like Mary Shelley’s famous story (Frankenstein), Maryzabel…
22/07/2020/by Maryzabel Cardenas Ávila
Vespa Stoßdämpfer vorne bgm PRO SC Ccmpetition

Vespa shock absorber in front again available: for Vespa Largeframe Rally, Sprint, GT/GTR, TS, GL, Super, VNA, VNB, VBA, VBB Wideframe etc.

Popular shock absorber for Vespa Oldies available again!
27/07/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Vespa PX LED-Scheinwerfer Animation

Installation Instructions Assembly LED Headlights Vespa PX

Vespa PX LED Headlight
In this Vespa tutorial video we show…
28/07/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Vespa GTS Led Blinker mit Lauflicht

Vespa GTS LED indicators with running light

The perfect indicators for your Vespa GTS conversion
We have…
28/07/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Interview Alex Stroh, The Technical product manager of SC

In the couch of Scooter Center
Alex Stroh, The Technical product…
31/07/2020/by Maryzabel Cardenas Ávila
ESC Rollerrennen Cheb 2020

ESC race report – Cheb Challenge 2020 scooter race

The ESC - European Scooter Challenge scooter race
The Scooter…
05/08/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Mofarocker on Tour!

Altötting - Cuxhaven and back. Almost...
Three men,…
27/08/2020/by Maryzabel Cardenas Ávila

10% discount on all Crazy Monkey!

You saw it and you fancy it so badly that you re-create it!?…
28/08/2020/by Maryzabel Cardenas Ávila
Porco Nero Power Bremse Vespa GTS

Brake caliper PORCO NERO POWER Vespa GTS Info / Installation / Assembly

Brake Caliper PORCO NERO POWER Vespa GTS
We have already presented…
04/09/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Vespa PX alt Tacho bis 160km/h von bgm PRO

Vespa PX old speedo up to 160km/h

Vespa PX old Speedo bgm PRO 160km/h for Vespa PX up to '84…
04/09/2020/by Heiko Lepke

CHAPTER 4 / Project Platónika – Perfection is in the details

Once the essentials are ready, it’ time for the visuals, where…
09/09/2020/by Maryzabel Cardenas Ávila
bgm Oldie Öl

Proven synthetic oil bgm 2-stroke oil in special edition bgm PRO OLDIE EDITION

Vintage 2-stroke oil for oldies
Our bestseller - bgm PRO 2-stroke…
16/09/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Vespa Alp Days 2020 Zell am See

Vespa Alp Days 2020 Reloaded

Photos and Videos Vespa Alp Days 2020 Reloaded
One thing in…
16/09/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Scooter Center Samstags Geschlossen

Scooter Center closed on Saturdays – from October 2020

We are closed on Saturdays from October 2020
Please note our…
18/09/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Helm Sale

Helmet Sale -30% off many brands & models

Many great helmets are now in the 30% helmet sale
In our helmet…
18/09/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Scooter Center Click & Collect

NEW in the Scooter Center Shop: CLICK & COLLECT – order online and pick up at the warehouse

Again new opening hours at the Scooter Center - from October.
21/09/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Gepäckfachblende Handschuhfach Klappe Vespa GTS

Vespa GTS maintenance flap luggage compartment glove compartment flap smooth, chrome, carbon

Luggage compartment cover glove compartment flap Vespa GTS
21/09/2020/by Heiko Lepke
25Y Lambretta Club Stockholm

25Y – Anniversary of Lambretta Club Stockholm 1995 -2020

25 years Lambretta Club Stockholm
From the 5th to the 6th of…
25/09/2020/by Heiko Lepke

bgm PRO Oil Seals / Simmerrings FKM/Viton®

bgm PRO shaft seals made of high-quality and ethanol-resistant…
29/09/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Piaggio Ciao Monoantrieb oder Varioantrieb?

Piaggio Ciao mono drive or vario drive?

Differences Piaggio Ciao / Bravo / Si / Boxer mono drive and…
30/09/2020/by Heiko Lepke
LML Karosserie Blechteile Rahmen für Vespa PX

Get now the very last LML framesets for your Vespa PX

LML Piaggio Vespa licence buildings from India
"Lohia Machinery…
02/10/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Lambretta Cable Routing

Lambretta gear changing cable routing & trunnions

How to get the Lambretta gear changing work perfect and smooth?
14/10/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Primo Kids Tretroller Scooter

New retro children’s scooters in Vespa style – Primo Ride On

Great gift idea for children from 1-5 years
PRIMO the Retro…
16/10/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Moto Nostra LED COB Lampe

MOTO NOSTRA LED COB work lamp white & red with battery

This practical LED emergency…
29/10/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Arrow Auspuff Vespa GTS Test & Einbau

ARROW Exhaust for Vespa GTS

ARROW exhaust systems available for Vespa GTS
With us you can…
29/10/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Cool Things 2020 November

Cool Things NOV 2020

11/11/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Adventskalender -SCOOTER CENTER- 2020Scooter Center Artikel-Nr.: SC2020AK

Scooter Center Advent calendar 2020

Scooter Rider Chocolate Advent Calendar Scooter Center…
17/11/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Zündung einstellen Vespa mit Zündpistole Stroboskop

Vespa ignition adjustment with flash pistol / stroboscopic lamp

Adjust the Vespa ignition - but correctly!
The correct ignition…
26/11/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Cool Things DEC 2020

04/12/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Lambretta Lui Prüfstand

Lambretta Lui dyno days – on the test bench

The boss has come up with something: Lambretta Lui dyno days!
07/12/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Vespa Simmerringe bgm PRO

New Vespa oil seals – shaft seals from bgm PRO – Vespa & E10?

bgm PRO shaft seals made of high-quality and ethanol-resistant…
16/12/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Lambretta Auspuff Test Big Box Reso Rennauspuff

Lambretta exhaust test expansion chamber v. BigBox Clubman

Lambretta expansion chamber and big box Clubman prototype test
17/12/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Corona Delivery

CORONA our solution: DHL Express Service to Great Britain and Ireland

DHL Express Service to Great Britain and Ireland
At the moment…
22/12/2020/by Heiko Lepke
Frohe Weihnachten!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
The whole Scooter Center Team wishes you and…
24/12/2020/by Heiko Lepke

Bye bye 2020 – Hello 2021

Wow - what a year!
There were some challenging chicanes put…
28/12/2020/by Heiko Lepke

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