Buy a Vespa for 20 Euro?!!

It seems that the bargain are still there. With lots of luck a bidder got one Vespa for 20 € at a public auction.

In the southern village of Neuenburg this happened:–72446009.html

No matter what vEspa it was. At 20 € every Vespa is a bargain.

For all Vespa afficinados we highly recommend our Vespa catalogues:
Our Scooter Center Vespa-catalogue gives a comprehensive overview of the Vespa modell history as well as handy tipps & tricks and for sure all the spare parts, wear and tear parts as well as accessories and tuning goodies. :

Vespa catalogue

And these are the updates for 2010 and 2011 with all newly arrived parts. Up to date info you’ll find in our ecommerce Vespa shop.



Lots of luck at bargain hunting!

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