bgm PRO shaft seals made of high-quality and ethanol-resistant (E10) FKM/Viton®*

Brand new in our shop are the new bgm PRO Simmerrings for many Vespa and Lambretta models: Shaft seals bgm PRO

  • optimum protection
  • double sealing thanks to dust lip
  • recommended for each engine Original or
  • tuned high-performance engine
  • twice as temperature resistant
  • suitable for extremely high speeds
  • permanently alcohol resistant -perfect for scooter meetings ;-)
  • very good gas impermeability
  • high thermal stress
  • very resistant to aging
bgm PRO Wellendichtringe Viton® - Simmerringe Vespa und Lambretta


The material FKM (fluorocarbon rubber) is extremely resistant to heat, friction and fuel/ethanol. Current super fuel in Germany already contains up to 5% ethanol per se.

In other countries the ethanol/alcohol content is significantly higher. Conventional radial shaft seals can swell or soften when in contact with fuels containing ethanol.
The bgm PRO FKM/Viton® shaft seals offer perfect protection against this. In addition, Viton is twice as temperature resistant as conventional (blue) NBR shaft sealing rings , has very good gas impermeability and is also very resistant to ageing.


An engine equipped with bgm PRO FKM/Viton® rotary shaft seals can therefore also be operated with E10 fuel (10% alcohol content). The high-quality brown Viton®* sealing material is permanently resistant to alcohol and is also suitable for engines with high temperature loads and high speeds.
bgm PRO FKM/Viton® radial shaft seals are therefore suitable for all engines, whether original or tuned high-performance engines

For reasons of environmental protection and in favour of maximum flexibility of the sealing lip, we deliberately avoid additional PTFE/Teflon®* loading of the sealing lip


The BGM PRO rotary shaft seals offer a double sealing as an additional feature. All rotary shaft seals that seal against the atmosphere have a so-called dust lip. This is positioned before the actual sealing lip and keeps dust, dirt and moisture away. This further increases the already good stability. INDIVIDUAL & AVAILABLE IN A SET The BGM PRO FKM/Viton® oil seals are available individually and in sets for almost all Vespa and Lambretta engines.


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Simmerringe bgm PRO

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*Viton®/Teflon® are registered trademarks of DuPont Dow Elastomers

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